The Biggest Problem With Our Culture.

Stimulation: The raising of levels of physiological or nervous activity in the body or any biological system. BOOM. The constant stimulation... It's a new way of living. Ever since the I phone came out, we've been in this state of trance. The trance of constantly needing some kind of stimuli-- Whether it be a drug,... Continue Reading →

Creating Awareness. Alternative Healing. The Spiritual Stages & Mindfulness. With Cody Burr. Cody is a such a down to earth human full of deep questions & much wisdom. It's no wonder why I brought him on to share his knowledge. I know you will enjoy this episode, there are SO many golden nuggets in here that you can add to your treasure chest. THIS IS STRAIGHT... Continue Reading →


I thought I was for awhile. I genuinely I believed I was a fractal, a piece of God that created all of consciousness. Thus, I was of the divine feminine. A GODDESS. A powerful & conscious creator who could manifest anything with her mind. However, as of recently, things have shifted. That false facade has... Continue Reading →


Dopamine is a type of neurotransmitter. Your body makes it, and your nervous system uses it to send messages between nerve cells. That's why it's sometimes called a chemical messenger. Dopamine plays a role in how we feel pleasure. It's a big part of our unique human ability to think and plan.   -Webmd Have... Continue Reading →

Do you REALLY love them though?

OoOoOohhhhh SNAP. A full moon this month, April 7th, 2020 in Libra. The sign ruled by Venus, the planet of LOVE, RELATIONSHIPS, and MONEY. Libra is the harmonious scale. If something is off and unfair, the Libra instantly feels it. This is the effect we will be feeling the next few days. (If not much... Continue Reading →


As a complex human, I have MANY passions & curiosities. Life is happening QUICK with or without me & honestly my biggest fear is growing old & living in a state of "I wish I would of just DONE IT."  SO, here is a conclusion that I have come to from experience.. RUN TO ANYTHING... Continue Reading →

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